Pas de Chichi, the first Churrerias network specializing in Churros in France!

At Pas de Chichi, Churros is offered in all its forms! Nature filled, filled with small delicacies, served with its delicious Italian ice cream or even salted hot dog! In addition to churros, our customers have a wide choice to satisfy their desires: sweet pancakes, salty, waffles, pralinettes …

On stand or in shops, the concept of Pas de Chichi is available in the city as in shopping centers with a bright image and a point of honor on quality, innovation and hygiene.

Like a network of franchises but without its obligations and disadvantages, we propose to everyone to become a partner and manage one or more churros stores (churreria). The team Pas de Chichi, with its know-how acquired since 1986, will accompany you and train whatever your level of qualification.

Discover our concept and let’s talk about it !